Unregistered, You must accept the Forum Rules below to be able to use some forum functions.

Forum Rules
Forum rules
§1 Insults
Try to obey the netiquette at all times. Insulting or provoking other users on purpose is strictly forbidden.

§2 Forbidden content
Discussions over pirated games or other illegal contents (e.g.: warez/cracks/glitches), also including pornography, glorifying violence and racism will get deleted immediately.

Furthermore, posts including links leading to websites containing cheats, advertisement or programs which actively collect clicks and contribute to the site owners’ wealth, will also get closed without hesitation. Community contests are excluded.

§3 Edit-Function
Do not reply twice in a row! In case you‘ve forgotten to add more points to your already existing post, just click the edit-button and change the content of your post to your liking.

§4 Search-Function
Try to check for an already existing thread using the search-engine of our forums before you open up another discussion.

§5 Creating threads
Confirm to open up a new thread in the correct part of the forums, you might also want to choose a fitting topic in order to maximize the support of fellow forums-users . Don‘t type everything in capital letters and don’t spam punctuation marks (e.g.: ??? or !!!)

§6 Multiple accounts
It is strongly forbidden to create more than one account per person. In particular, banned people are not allowed to create another account and enter the forums again. Our bans are especially tied to the person, not to his/her actual account.

§7 Account-specific information and data
Leaking or transmitting log-in data to other people is not allowed.

§8 Information in user-profile
Faking detail in your profile is not allowed. In case you are not able to fill in any appropriate information (e.g.: Battlefield 2142 Soldiername) just leave it blank.

§9 Personal messages
Received personal messages are not to get published in posts or signatures (neither in whole nor in parts) without the approval of its author. Taking screenshots of chat-dialogues (X-Fire, ICQ, MSN,…) and publishing them on the forums is also not allowed.

§10 Signatures
The signature should not exceed the limit of 500x220 pixels and/or 400 KB.

§11 Images
Images which exceed the size of 700x200 pixels should get attached to your post either via the appropriate forum-function or as a thumbnail (small version of the picture which links you to the original one).
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the P-Stats Network Forum rules.