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    Stat Request: Raw SPM

    I would like to have a stat that calculates raw SPM.

    Raw SPM would ignore points earned from bonuses, awards and unlocks.

    I feel that the current SPM stat gets distorted too much by medals. This inflates the SPM stat of people with lots of playtime.

    Here is an example:

    Xbox360 Player: L4MBORGH1N1

    SPM: 709

    Total Score: 17537100
    -Award Score: 10652000
    -Unlock Score: 153400
    -Bonus Score: 280960

    Raw Score: 6450740
    Minutes Played: 24711

    Raw SPM: 261

    Compare that to this fellow.....

    Xbox360 Player: YOUSX

    SPM: 604

    Total Score: 11663720
    -Award Score: 757400
    -Unlock Score: 50600
    -Bonus Score: 37340

    Raw Score: 818380
    Minutes Played: 2752

    Raw SPM: 297


    At first glance it would seem the 709SPM player is a better scorer than the 604SPM player. However once you ignore points awarded for actions that don't benefit the team the second player is actually the better scorer where it counts; in-game.

    Love the site; thanks for reading.

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    Re: Stat Request: Raw SPM

    Maybe the "BattleField Rating" is something more interresting, since it calculates how well you do as a teamplayer based on more then your SPM (or Raw SPM).
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    Re: Stat Request: Raw SPM

    The battlefield rating is indeed useful (but also not on bf3stats), but enabling Raw SPM would allow people an additional view of their improvement over time. Adding Raw SPM to the History tab would give a more accurate representation of how someone is improving.


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