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Thread: Dogtag's error

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    Dogtag's error

    I've taken over 500 dogtags yet it only show's up as 200 and something, Also I've taken multiple tags from the same players but it's only saying i've taken 1 from them???.

    Please help?? .

    P.s I've tried updating lot's but it doesn't change.

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    Re: Dogtag's error

    We all have the same "problem". eg I've taken 12 dogtags while only 9 show up. (I know... but I prefer shooting the bastards )

    This is a problem with the method how Battlelog is storing the dogtag information and BF3Stats can't do anything about it.

    However, it would be nice if the global stats (eg under 'Combat stats') show the total amount of dogtags taken, which should be par with Battlelog.
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    Re: Dogtag's error

    Ah i see, Thank's for answering . Yeah it would be good if they did that, I just want to mock the people I've taken them 6 times from ;D . Oh is that what the guns are for in it, I thought they were just for decoration Hahaha.

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