Sorry if this has already been suggested, but top of my wishlist, by a long way, would be the ability to much more data available to these leaderboards e.g. kills with specific weapons, flags capped etc. I know we can generate that using the API, but for the non-programmers amongst us, this would be much easier. I can see how the interface would have to change to allow more stats to be selectable, but it would be really good to have, for example, a C4 leaderboard, knife leaderboard etc.

Also, it would be helpful to be able to match player lists across multiple leaderboards: I have three custom leaderboards, each sorted on different stats, but each for the same list of players. It would be great to automatically be able to "copy and paste" the player lists between them.

Even more amazing would be the ability to automatically set up a leaderboard for the member list for a Platoon at BF3 Battlelog, I don't know whether the information is accessible to do that, it would save having to change the player lists here at BF3stats every time the member list changes in my platoon.