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    Krap Clan for less skilled players [PC] [Xbox 360] [PS3]


    I am Crazy BigGaz (Garry) 36 years old and in the UK, I am a moderator at Krap Clan.
    My PC Origin ID is: Big-Gaz_UK
    My Xbox Live Gamertag is: Crazy BigGaz

    Krap Clan is for less skilled players, and was created in August 2011.
    It started life on the Playstation 3 and quickly spread to include Xbox 360 in the same month as going online.

    March 2012
    Krap Clan, opened its doors to the PC side, just 7 months after going online.
    We also setup a 16 slot Battlefield 3 game server for the PC.

    April 2012
    We setup, the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Battlefield 3 servers in Europe.

    May 2012
    We launched our new website, which includes portal and forum.
    We moved our Battlefiled 3 server and it is now 18 slots.

    Do you have a Kill/Death ratio below or equal to 1?
    Are you less skilled and always getting killed?
    Are you normally in the bottom half of the lobby scores, rarely in the top 3?
    Do you want to be a part of a community that is dedicated to less skilled players?
    Do you want to enjoy the game for what it is?

    If you answer yes to most of these, you are not alone.

    We currently play
    Battlefield 3 on the: PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the: PS3 and Xbox 360.

    We are looking for mature players, and NOT players that show off, or whine constantly.
    Currently looking for players from Europe (due to time zones and ping), BUT if you are from anywhere else around the world you are welcome, just as much.

    There has always been a concern of what happens when you do become more skilled. That is simply not an issue, as we have an elite area in the forum for advanced players.

    Call of Duty players, Krap Clan is NOT after your XP points.

    So you want to join, or you are interested in joining?
    1. Visit the Krap Clan forum at:
    2. Register on the forum and confirm your email address
    3. Wait for your account to be activated.
    4. Post your Gaming ID or Gamertag.
    5. That is it you are now a member of the Krap Clan.


    Call of Duty: Elite
    Xbox 360:

    Battlefield 3 Platoons
    Xbox 360:

    Battlefield 3 Servers

    PC How to Find our server
    1. Go to Battlelog (
    2. Click on Multiplayer
    3. Click in the search
    4. Put in Krap
    5. It should be listed as: For noobs, newbies and less skilled only. KRAPCLAN.COM

    Direct link to Battelog page
    PC Server IP:

    Xbox 360 How to find our server:
    1. Go to Multiplayer
    2. Server Browse
    3. Go to Search
    4. Put in krap OR krapclan
    5. It should be listed as: Noobs, Poorer Playes Only - KrapClan

    Playstation 3 How to find our server:
    1. Go to Multiplayer
    2. Server Browse
    3. Go to Search
    4. Put in krap
    5. It should be listed as: KRAP CLAN a server for noobs, newbies and less skilled

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you on the Forum and in game (if on the Xbox 360 or on the PC).
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    Re: Krap Clan for less skilled players [PC] [Xbox 360] [PS3]

    Message updated: 30th May 2012


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