We are the Ghosts In The Grass. A team name that dates its origin back to the late great original Modern Warfare where we first came up with our stealthy techniques. Though over the course of the years of crappy COD games in recent years and a some what lack of stealthy camo on BF3 we want to get back to our old ways of wanting to move around the map undetected as much as possible. Currently the only memeber of GITG are the original 2 members from back in the good old days....The Warbow and myself CD0TCIZZLE. while of course we will need vehicle drivers and aircraft pilots, anyone wanting to join must 1) want to be a stealthy player and 2)if they dont meet our criteria must undergo stealth training. we pride ourselves on not being seen as much as possible and yes we do realize it is not ALWAYS possible...but this does not mean you shoudl not try! if interested in joing you know what to do. Your clan tag will be decided based on which class you join the platoon as. Ask for more details if needed. Lastly we will not accept any players to the platoon who are "jack of all trades" we want people who play atleast 75% of their online time as 1 spefic class. Being great at 1 thing is better then being just good at all things. See you on the battlefield soldier!

I'm a realist, I love copy and paste :3

Anyway, most of you probably said TL;DR. Here's the short version:

-GITG is a Hardcore Conquest clan
-It's starting over, so leadership positions may be open
-We are looking for people who specialize in one class, and use it for TEAM purposes
-Reply here for any more info, and applying.
-I'll be honest with you, if you apply, we'll see how you do and mold you a bit. If you suck horribly, you're out.

For Applying:
-reply here with your gamertag, or,
-Send a message to SKUNK with RPGs starting with "GITG" (preffered method)

Because this clan is starting over again, you MAY be able to have a say in what we do whether it be with gamebattles, clan matches, etc.