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    Flying grenades, exploding buildings, and the chaotic war zone, shooting games hit the industry with a huge blast. To meet the demands of gamers who would like to play the games conveniently on the computer, but don’t have the time to get full gaming setup, developers have created flash games.

    With the cursor of your mouse, direct the character to fight for victory. Your computer won’t get overloaded because the games are browser-based, saving a lot of memory space for your device.

    Want to conquer the battlefield or fight hordes of zombies with your friends? Connect to the Internet, grab your headphones and team up or compete with each other on the weekends.

    Here are the top 3 best shooting games with great plots and graphics to enhance your gaming experience. If you are looking for other tactical games, you should also check out these strategy games free online.

    Get Ready to Gear up in BeGone

    The ultimate goal of BeGone is simple: fight alongside your teammates to defeat the opponents before you’re out of time.

    This online multiplayer first-person shooter game features a modern concept. You will have access to multiple weapons and equipment that you can collect while exploring the world. Be careful of sudden attacks from the enemies!

    Although the graphics are 3D, BeGone maintains gameplay so realistic that you may not believe the thrilling experience.

    Use codes to communicate with your team without revealing your true intentions, plan the strategies that will lead you to certain victory. Resources are limited so watch out for the quantity that you have.

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    A screencap of BeGone

    » Those who want to challenge themselves in shooting or strategy games can also delve into these best strategy games

    Deepolis and Stories of The Deep Ocean

    In this 2D massive multiplayer online game (MMO), you will have the chance to control submarines armed with missiles to fight with the opponents and conquer the sea. The missiles are powerful but don’t get deceived and wander off on your own. Teamwork is the key to victory.

    Dive in for huge explosions that can be done together with your group for fantastic gameplay. But that’s not everything that Deepolis has to offer. Race to the war zone before the enemy teams get there, so you get to pick the perfect base. Use it as you hideout to preserve your number and take the upper hand in attacking other players.

    You can design an avatar that best represents you: a fierce fighter or a calm and collected warrior. As your submarines explore the deep dark side of the mysterious ocean, you can take on challenges and complete quests to claim valuable rewards.

    Click image for larger version

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    What will be your next move?

    Pirates in the Galaxy?

    Who said that you could only be pirates at sea?

    Pirate Galaxy is the MMO game that will take you on adventures amongst the stars. The science fiction surroundings with great landscapes in 3D graphics, amazing effects are waiting for your discovery.

    Glorious spaceship battles can happen at any location in the game. The enemies could be waiting for you near the planet orbit, or they might catch you for an ambush in the desert.

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    The battle at the desert

    Have you enjoyed playing the games? What are your other favorite games? If you are looking for some more amazing games to add to your preference list, don’t hesitate to access the most-trusted game websites.
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