I just finished this game on Xbox360 and I gotta say, this game is pretty terrible.

I am a big NFS fan in general, and loved the most recent HP, so I gave this game a chance.

It starts out pretty cool and fun, but you quickly realize that it isn't that great and some tracks are even rehashed tracks from the past games. I also noticed that some races that are far apart are actually the same exact tracks, some of them are reversed. Pretty ghetto that a race on "East Coast" is the reverse of something in Colorado.

The one thing I DID like was that all the races are point to point. But it makes sense since you are racing accross the country.

There are a variety of races. You started in 250th place and one race will say "gain 8 spots" and you finish "1st" by being 8 places ahead than prior. Then they have these "make up time" modes where you race the clock, then some duel battles.

Then you have some other types later on in the game. They are HEAVILY scripted where you really aren't even racing against anyone. As long as you get to the correct spot w/out crashing, you will be okay. And that can be tough. The very last race is extremely stupid and the things you do have to survive are stupid as shit, and it is simply trial and error.

There was one EXTREMELY stupid part as well when you are racing, and these 2 cars pull up next to you and start firing guns at you and you blow up in like 3 seconds of getting shot. Then it tells you "avoid gun fire" but doesn't tell you how. The AI is garbage in this game and these cars with guns simply blast up next to you and are on you like magnets. Luckily after like my 4th or 5th time trying it, the cars just backed off. Just a lucky run and I'm pretty sure the rubber banding AI was "letting" me do better that time.

Oh yea and AI is awful as mentioned. You can make an opponent crash, then literally 3 seconds they come speeding up on you and pass you. Oh and then I'm racing in a McLaren against El Caminos, and I'm holding down nitrous and the other cars just pass me w/out even using any boost. Awful...

Oh and did I mention my final time in this game of race time was 2 hours and 14 minutes. Yup, the whole game was 2:14 of play time. The load time on this game is bad too, I felt I was waiting for shit more than playing it. I beat it in 3 sittings.