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    something went wrong?

    ummm... I was looking up my own stats... for my persona B006IEMAN.. that 2 zeroes and a six... i think it messed up somewhere? it says I have used 44 cruise missles and then a bunch of the other stuff... im pretty certain these numbers are wrong. Especially the cruise missle, as I have only used it 2 times and killed 3 people. there a way to check? everything else seems to be fine, like how many people ive killed and all the other stats... compare to and you will see everything matches, but that site just don't tell me how many times I have used something. so it's just the how many times used area that is all messed up?

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    Re: something went wrong?

    There was a thread about this at the "OLD" MoH Stats Forums... But that's gone now.

    So here is the down-low on the numbers for "SUPPORT ACTIONS" at -

    4 Columns:

    Action = Support action (Offensive only)
    Kills = Kills by that Support action
    Used = LENGTH OF TIME (in seconds) THE SUPPORT ACTION WAS USED (just like the WEAPONS Stats in the above section)
    Kills per use = Number of kills/seconds used

    Compare to Stats Verse...

    It's possible the "Use of the Support action" begins when the Deployment Goggles come up and end when the missile lands. That could be 6 or more seconds, as it takes the Cruise Missile 5 seconds after being deployed to land (watch any YouTube video for proof).
    In my opinion, the "Used" column should be "Deployed" instead, so that the last column could read; Kills per deployment.
    But perhaps there is no stat for that...

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    Re: something went wrong?

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    Re: something went wrong?

    i hope they are right im proud of gettin 9,800 cruise missiles. would be gutted if it was less lol ulster_scot84


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