ezStats2 for MoHW is a leaderboard software for Medal of Honor Warfighter.

You can install ezStats on your own webspace and run it as a standalone website or a native plugin for your CMS. Choose from many supported languages and modify your leaderboard in the easy-to-use adminpanel.

Add yourself and your friends from all platforms to the leaderboard, compare your statistics in many different values, rummage in depth of hundreds of different stats values and take a look on graphs of your development the last weeks.

Syncronize your leaderboard with your Battlelog Platoons and and use signatures to show your stats in forums.

  • Fully sortable leaderboard table
    - You can modify it easily and choose from many different values
  • Multi-Platform
    - You can add PC-, PS3- and Xbox360-players to the leaderboard
    - And all platforms can be in the leaderboard at the same time
  • Choose your language
    - ezStats supports many languages
    - See full list: Supported languages
  • Easy to use
    - The complete installation and administraton process is in the browser and kept very simple and comfortable
  • Player management
    - You can add new players to the leaderboard very fast by entering their player names
    - You can create multiple admin accounts, so your comrades can help you with the management of the leaderboard
    - Or you can activate the possibility for the players to add themselves
  • Syncronisation with Battlelog platoons
    - If you don't won't to manage the players of the leaderboard by hand, you can syncronize it with one or more of your Battlelog platoons
  • Change the styles
    - You can activate or deactivate every module of this tool
    - You can modify the appearance of the leaderboard in the admin panel
  • Integrate ezStats into your CMS
    - You can run ezStats as a plugin in your existing CMS, so the leaderboard appears as a native part of your website
    - See full list: Supported CMS