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Thread: MoH Stats RESET

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    MoH Stats RESET

    So the Medal of Honor 2010 "PC" stats have been reset by EA... Anyone on PC logging in, gets reset back to zero, as if he never played before.

    Any word on why this was done, and why EA didn't wipe the database while they were at it?

    Resetting everyone's stats to zero as they log in, and NOT wiping the database has left inactive accounts lingering on the LEADERBOARD ( Making it impossible to know who is REALLY at the top of the list, now.

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    Re: MoH Stats RESET

    Only way to see the true, updated Leaderboard is by logging into the game (MoH), which only gives you 4 criteria to choose from; Skill, Score, Kills, and Play Time. Not that PC Leaderboard really worked - since you never could sort by anything except "Skill" beyond the first page... After page 1, it refuses to sort by any other column.

    And no one comes to this forum anyway, making it pretty much useless.

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    Re: MoH Stats RESET

    The MoH Stats page is one of the older ones of our Network, which has not so extensive leaderboards like BF3Stats or MoHWStats.
    And there is no motivation to add those features, because there is almost no interest in MoH.

    I can't tell what EA does there, and what problems they have, why they reset stats. This is a Question for the EA Customer support.
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    Re: MoH Stats RESET

    Thanks for the reply. Have a nice day.

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    Re: MoH Stats RESET

    So, sometime around 12am - 1am UTC Friday, March 5th 2013 - The old stats are back again... Not sure if new data has been added to old data, but the old data (Skill, Kills, Deaths, Scores, all the numbers) is showing again on our MoH stats page. Also, the in-game Leaderboard reflects the original leaders, with the superficially high numbers. I have to say, I was really getting fond of the new, lower Skill levels. It was much easier to see who was active by viewing the in-game Leaderboard.


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