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    Does Punk Buster work?

    Q: Does Punk Buster work?
    A: Yes, well, sort-of...

    Case in point;
    [PBBans:285602 2013-01-12] 971580ca9ae4c41bc2c31500f6866a14 "Guevara Ernesto" "79.25.*.*" "MULTIHACK 71091"

    ...who held a top spot (and still does) on the Leaderboard at
    How long did he use the "MULTIHACK 71091"?

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    Re: Does Punk Buster work?

    The entire MoH Ban Index can be downloaded at;
    Open the .dat file with Notepad to review all the bans to date for Medal of Honor.

    Now, I'm not sure if people know this service is available, so here it is...
    Choose a GUID from the Ban Index, and plug it into the Search data box on this page.

    Using the player from the above post, we get;
    Now use and plug in the other Personae used by this player, and check their KDR.

    If all of those are legit, I'm Donald Trump.
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