Ok, here it goes,

My problem is that my skill level got stuck in 29 since the 3rd or 4th time i played the game, my numbers overall are good :

K/D ratio: 1.34
W/L ratio: 1.38
SCP: 177
SPR: 2,875

NOTE: most of the time i get in 1st place in my team, i help disarming or arming M-COM, (supplying, healing, reviving) partners, using UAV or every vehicle, so i don´t know what more i could do

I checked in every page i can to get some information, and nobody really knows how it´s calculated, so if someone knows or if EA customer support gave you some info please let me know, since i always get insulting messages when i knife kill 3 or 4 times a level 50 player (i´m actually level 35), they call me noob, skill level pussy or something worst, i tried to contact with EA but they didn´t give me an answer,

Hope to get something to at least know why i´m so down in my skill level