Do you prefer gaming with people you know rather than random folk?

Are you looking for a community that isn't interested in your K/D or has mandatory practices you have to attend?
If the answer is yes to these questions, then the League of Casual Gamers is the place for you!

Established in 2011, The League of Casual Gamers is an international gaming community with its roots in Australia/New Zealand and has branched out to UK/US/EU with many members from around the world, who all love gaming, but don't take gaming so seriously.

We aim to foster a fun and friendly community at our forums, for members to socialise and interact with each other, as well as game together.

We are currently looking for new members as we rebuild with our new focus.
Currently, LoCG supports rosters for PS4 and PC and has a strong focus on fun and friendly gaming. We primarily play the big PS4 titles like Call Of Duty and Battlefield, and PC titles such as Minecraft and DayZ.

So if you are looking for a fun group to co-op through the world of Chernarus, drive vehicles with throughout Battlefield or get killstreaks/pointstreaks in Call Of Duty, come visit our friendly forums at and see what we are all about.

The League of Casual Gamers doesn’t care about your K/D ratios or how much you win or lose. We are about having fun and enjoying yourself while you game – If you win that’s just a bonus.

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