Hello there, I'm Staff Sergeant Barden of the 5th Special Forces Group, and if you are looking for a mature group of gamers who know how to get down to buisness, thrive on teamwork, but also know how to joke around and have fun at the end of the day... we may just have the unit for you!

We currently have two Battlefield 4 battalions for PC and XBox One after the recent disbanding of our 360 battalion. We value teamwork and communication, which are two aspects that will be tested during your qualification course, as well as your ability to operate under pressure and your CQB skills during our special Gauntlet course completing our selection process.

We have many different jobs within the 5th which you may help out with, from staffing our JFK Special warfare Center (Q-cours and Gauntlet), to leading a fire team, to commanding an entire battalion if you put your heart into it.

Heart is a big part of our unit. Many of our operators have been members 2+ years (the 5th SFG has been around since 2010!). We constantly have retired members coming back to be a part of the 5th again, or just to say hello and play a few games with the newer group. As you can imagine, there is a lot of heart in our community. And real life always comes first. You are not required to make a daily or weekly roll call, just to be active, but if you need to take some time away from the game, we are not going to stop you or strip your tags.

If you value teamwork, honor, and commitment, we are looking for you. Enlist today!
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5th Special Forces Group
2nd Battalion
SSG CRBarden92