Tridents - Battlefield 4 Clan seeking new members to help build community!
Casual or competitive!
We are seeking new members for Battlefield 4 on both PS3 and PS4!
...I alone am a spear. When together we are Trident.
Requirements for joining:
- 18+ (Unless sponsored by another senior member)
- Must have a microphone
- Mature attitude but not overly serious
- Must be fun to play with and no douchebaggery
- Must leave current clans that supports Battlefield 4
- Must be Active player
If you wish to help us build this clan, we are looking for people with drive and time to help form this community and make it something worth while! We are seeking leaders, comp team members or just individuals who want to play in a laid back gaming environment that promotes advancement and encourages comradely interaction.
Hope to see you on the Battlefield!