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    My BF4 on PS3 freezes up without any reason, please help

    Hello, I have the ps3 160gig and I have been having problems, battlefield 4...the game will just freeze up, 5-9 times in a few hours, I know it's not my internet connection because that is a totally different message that will pop up, this is killing me... Any ideas and suggestions plz help, it also freezes up on another ps3 slim edition, the disc has NO scratches or blemishes at all, plz email me or inbox me

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    Re: Rage!!! Help!!!

    Hi Kevin,

    first of all I would like to welcome you on our forums. Secondly I have removed your email address, due to privacy and security reasons, from your post.

    Did you install the game onto your harddrive from your PS3? I am asking as I never used a PS3 before and only the procedure on an Xbox, where you can install/copy the game from the disc to the hard drive.

    If you did so, please could you remove the installation from your hard drive and try again? May be something got stuck during the installation. If that should not be the case, I would go back to the shop and swap the disc as it might contain errors itself, without having a scratch.



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