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Thread: MASH Recruiting

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    MASH Recruiting

    The M*A*S*H platoon (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) is currently looking for new recruits. We are a small but growing platoon looking for competitive players.

    Requirements for participation in the platoon are.

    1. Must be a player of BF4 on the Xbox360. (We will soon branch out to the Xbox One)
    2. Your K/D should be at a descent level. At least a 2.00 or higher but exception can be made.
    3. You MUST play well with others, no line wolves here (Snipers) UNLESS your play style benefits your squad and the platoon.
    4. No rage quitters! We will make exceptions for people who are lagging but if it is a constant issue you will be removed from your platoon. Also no screamers please it effects the gameplay of the entire squad when negativity is present, if you die you die, and it is your fault 90% of the time. Run with your squad, play smart, and everything should be fine. Didn't your momma teach you to look both ways before crossing a road, well that rule applies here also.
    5. Age requirements are 18+ but once again we can make accept ions to players who are mature enough to follow the rules.
    6. We are mainly looking for people who run assault and engineer, support classes are needed
    7. You must obey your squad leader and follow his commands. We pick them for a reason!
    8. MIC's required. Communication is key to victory!

    We haven't gotten into the competitive community (Yet). We will do so when myself or our other her leader F4NB4LTS feels we are ready to do so.
    If your are interested in joining our platoon contact me via xbox messenger or the thread. (preferable through the xbox)
    Myself and F4NB4LTS will set a time and date on when you can run with our platoon and see if your gameplay and style of play works well with our group.
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