I am the mother of a young Physically challenged Girl (Disabled) Last night while she was playing a game on her brothers xbox she was subjected to abuse from a person called "Term1nator1" he called her "A fat fucking gypsy cunt" never having met her we are guessing he is psychic, though a bad one at that, she is none of the things he called her.

We shudder to think of a time he would be inconvenienced by a disabled person slowing him down in a shop bus or street, would he show his true colors and say to them what what he said to my daughter last night, because they are in his way.
Maybe its time he should bow out of Life and stop spoiling that for everyone else. Its plain, he's a disappointment to his parents, bad up bringing, unemployed, alcohol drug and child abuse are top of his list for fun things to do, He should go back to school and continue were he left off bullying people. He is a sad waste of Spunk !

He is nothing more than an xbox Troll that hides behind a games console and gives out abuse to people he knows nothing about ! His Friends (if he has any) the gaming community and anyone with an interest in protecting young people from Trolls should be aware of his True Nature !!!