Extreme Gaming was made to create a base for driving and to enjoy racing as a group.
At the moment we are only 3(so no real crew) but hopefully you like the clan/crew
and want to be with us.

Homepage: http://www.exg-clan.de

Crew Leader: Reskill87

Founder: Reskill87

Co-Leaders: n/a (you can apply for this position too)


List of members will come soon, at the moment we are 3 ppl at chicane.

Our policy for inactive members:
Members interested in staying in the crew that haven't been in game over a week, MUST check in within a week's time on our homepage.

If you are inactive with our crew in game, make sure you see us at least once a week... Otherwise, we will move you to the inactive list with the date we last saw you!

Inactivity lasting over a month will result in being kicked from the crew! If you want to stay in this crew you need to prove it by hanging out with us! Your crew membership is not just some title. If you get removed from the crew, and become active again, by all means... come back! We want to race with you!

Members with excused absences are not considered inactive.


1. Respect EVERYONE, and play fair! People who are caught hacking, bug abusing, or continuously disrespecting other members will be kicked without hesitation.

2. Feel free to give tips and advice (politely), but be willing take some too. There is always room for more learning --knowledge is powerful!

3. Please keep your language appropriate in messages and refer to rule 1 when using microphone or in-game chat.

4. Our crew believes in second chances. We give warnings to those who make mistakes. However, hackers and bug abusers will be kicked accordingly.

5. Please remain active with the crew. If there is a period where you have not seen any members, or plan on taking a break from the game, conntact me (Reskill).

6. Be able to message and read English! We want to communicate as much as possible. The best crews are the ones who communicate most!

7. ANY CREW OR CREW MEMBER RELATED PROBLEMS are best solved by private messaging in game or on our clanboard. Send me screenshots by PM if you have a concern with someone. Don't shout it out like headline news!

Please send me a private message if you have any concerns with these rules!

How to apply?

Send me a pm, or apply on our homepage with this data included:

1. Driver name:
2. Best car(s):
3. Favorite activity(Drag/Sprint/...):
4. What time are you on?:
5. Age (optional; most likely WILL NOT be considered during recruiting process):
6. Link to nfstimes.com stats page:
7. Why do you want to join our crew?:
8. Country and Shard:

See you on the streets!