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    Re: Having problems with my stats

    Are there any news?

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    Re: Having problems with my stats

    Soldiers name: Darth of TAPS
    Platform: XBox One

    What is the problem: Had best kill streak game ever on TDM. I went 70-0, but my stats still say best streak was 67. Should I have killed myself before the game ended for it to count or should the formula had an "or" allowing for game ending with no deaths?

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    Re: Having problems with my stats

    By any chance Darth, that you saw K/D of 70 - 0, but you could have got three kill assists which technically do not count towards kill streak but count towards K/D?

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    Re: Having problems with my stats

    Thanks for responding.

    The game ended with 70-0, which includes all kills for which my dmg on target was the dmg that resulted in the kill and "Assist Counts As Kill" wherein I inflicted 75% of the dmg but didnt inflict the "kill shot".

    My prior streak also included "Assist Counts As Kill" kills. Also, k/d calculations, total kills and every other calculation in game and here reflect kills as those that were the kill shots and those recorded as "Assist Counts As Kill". With that number of kills, it is very likely the number that were "Assist Counts As Kill" was at least a dozen because I dont play with the one shot kill weapons and it is commonplace for others to share the kills with me.

    Additionally, I am certain that "assists" (distinct from "Assist Counts As Kill") never count as kills in calculations in game or here. As you probably know, "assists" points can be awarded for 1 point or even 75 points if the dmg was not including the kill shot resulting in death. A player can earn a kill by doing only 1 point of dmg if it is the last point, while another player who does 74 points dmg to the same target can get only an "assist". Only doing 75 or more of the current dmg on target can a player earn "Assist Counts As Kill", which would be included as a kill in game and for the purposes of k/d.

    In short, it was 70 kills and dozens of "assists" that were not counted within the 70. I am the master of "kill assists" as tracked here and I assume to be the same as "Assist Counts As Kill" in game, in fact, I am #1 in world with over 60 thousand. I imagine, unscientifically, that I have well over a million of "assists" where I caused dmg but it wasnt the kill shot and it wasnt for 75 or more points to award "Assist Counts As Kill".


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