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    Information about some features

    You all might have noticed that we do have quite a lot of features on our website. Sometimes however one or two of them are not quite working as well as you'd like them to.

    I'll post some information on here, on how to avoid these problems and may be how to fix them as well

    Country not showing in my profile/signature

    EA decided to give its users more power of choice, since Battlefield 3 was released, within their own portal called Battlelog. These include the so called privacy settings where you can decide whether you want to show certain information to either the public, your friends or only to yourself.

    These settings do also affect our website, as we can only get the information from Battlelog, which is publicly available. So if you set your settings to either Friends or You only, we're unable to retrieve your country for example and won't be able to show it on our website.

    If you want to show your country on our website, you must change your privacy settings to Public.

    Some weapons/vehicles appear to have no stats, but I'm using them on a regular basis

    Unfortunately Battlelog isn't tracking everything or is combining it with other categories. This means that some weapons/vehicles will always show 0 despite you using them on a regular basis. If you should come across them, please compare our website to Battlelog and if you can't find it on there, we won't have the data either.

    This is however something we unfortunately can't fix as our source relies on Battlelog
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