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    New 32 player Hardcore server. Normal vehicle respawn timer.No stupid rules

    Tired of getting assraped by fast vehicle respawn servers? Tired of getting autokicked for saying a cuss word? Join my new 32 player Hardcore server with no autoscript admin bullshit. Server is running GGC streams and votemap. Right now I've got conquest large maps and chain link maps running.

    ==Hardcore Conquest, ChainLink== NO RULES !!NSFW!! GGC

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    Re: New 32 player Hardcore server. Normal vehicle respawn timer.No stupid r

    I play hardcore exclusively, and this sounds great. The one thing I'd really like to see in a server is a low ping limit. I have no beef with other regions, and I agree that it sucks that they have limited server choices, but Brazilians and Asia region players are becoming a plague on NA servers. I'm tired of 200+ ping guys crouch skating around the map and having to repeatedly kick people from my squad that are yelling in languages I can't understand. I'm not being xenophobic if their presence is having a tangible effect on the game.

    I don't know what it's like in the Normal scene but in hardcore as the population dwindles too many thirsty ass server operators are starting to lower their standards to ensure that their server stays populated. Stand out and be the one good server and you'll have plenty of regulars.

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