Become the MONSTER, Join our platoon and become one of the PReDaToRs - 62 active members and team speak talkers almost all the time in action ! Languages are English, or Bulgarian and we are International Platoon from Switzerland, Finland, France, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, India, U.S.A. , Pakistan and maybe even more and we love to have fun together, like a team. Most of us, like 96% are mature people willing to kill more enemies and put them on their knees. Most of us are from Bulgaria, or Europe and like to play mostly on servers from Germany, England or France.


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TeamSpeak3 IP : ; Channel : PReDaToRs (password: ask 6thSensePReDaToR).
We have 3 rules :
1. Stay with pTs tag
2. Be on TS while in-game
3. Play Hardcore !