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    How often does the "Rounds Played" reset

    Sometimes I look at my stats after 6-8 rounds that day and want to see how things changed for those 6-8 rounds but the stats include rounds from the previous day. How far back do the stats look. Can I clear the cache or delete the file and let make a new one. Right now it's showing the last 43 rounds. That's two days ago. TIA
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    Re: How often does the "Rounds Played" reset

    Hi rev_me_bro,

    it always depends when a round ends on the server you're playing on. As soon as a round is finished, EA/DICE saves the status and all your stats you gathered within that round. We then fetch exactly that data and add it to your soldier on our website.

    You could give us the link to your soldier and we could have a look.

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    Re: How often does the "Rounds Played" reset

    Thanks for the reply. The rate that bfhstats updates is ok. When I finish a round it shows up on my bfhstats is a short period of time. When you hover the cursor over a stat it shows the amount of change over the last X number of rounds. I'm wondering what time period does bfhstats does use to show changes. Is it getting the last 12 hours of data for example and showing those changes or does it use a set number of rounds and show those changes. Right now bfhstats is showing me changes from the last 14 rounds played when I hover the cursor over the "Rounds Played" stat with the oldest round played 13 hours ago. If this isn't making sense don't worry about it. Thanks for your time.

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