This relates to BF4

I noticed when looking at my mode stats that I have almost 3 million Rush points. What I find odd is that I have never even played the mode, I don't even know what the objective is. If you look at my ribbons, I don't even have a single Rush ribbon! The way it looks is that I scored 2.9 million points in a single round but still lost! Lol too funny!

The second thing, I don't know if it's possible or not but I think for the Defuse mode, it would be interesting to see a stat that would reflect when you are the last person left on your team what your "Last man K/D" is, maybe call it the "Rambo" stat. Also a "Clutch" win percentage. The stat that shows your win percentage when you are the last man standing on your team.

Always a need for more bragging rights ✌️