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    Tactical Gaming Now Recruiting

    Do you want to join a fun and competitive clan ? Look no further than Tactical Gaming. We have over 2800+ members and we support ALL platforms for BF4. We have more than battlefield as well if you have other interests.

    We were founded in 2004 to bring like minded gamers together. We are both competitive and recreational. We have something for everyone, we have Squads for all time zones and all platforms that support Battlefield 4. To join just go to Tell them FLuX sent you in the referrer box so the process goes faster. Hope to see you on the Battlefield everyone !

    - 15+ and mature
    - Mic is needed
    - To sign up you need a Computer

    When you join you need to put:

    Division: Battlefield
    Brigade: ( your platform )
    Battalion: 1st Battalion is the Western Hemisphere while 2nd Battalion is the Eastern Hemisphere.

    We support all countries, we just ask that you can speak and understand English.

    We do require you to have a Headset/Mic/

    It is true that we do have over 2800 players, but you get assigned to a small squad of fiends that is about 5-12 people big. Most of them will be on on often or play with some of the other people you meet in TG. I think our XB1 Brigade is right at 60 members total, PS4 is at around 40, PS3 is around 50, Xbox 360 is around 200 while PC is around 35.

    Have a question ? Ask !

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    Re: Tactical Gaming Now Recruiting

    Man Flux, you got here before me. Then again, I never realized there was a forum when I had gone to

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    Re: Tactical Gaming Now Recruiting

    We are also recruiting for Star Wars Battlefront and Rainbow Six Siege !


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