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    BF4 Server Crashing a lot with g-portal,bad service !


    i'm posting this to everyone who is looking to rent a server don't rent a server from there servers are alaging and crashing a lot everyday and when you talk to them there answer move to another hoster !

    whats a joke you pay 85$ for 64 slots that can't run one full day without crashing many times i also posted in battlelog whats funny there support did replay there as well take a look please

    well They don't want us to complain at all and They never gave us a discount or free additional days no they won't because they do not care i guess !!

    can they wait for us to pay them no they won't and they want us to be cool waiting them to fix there system! while we are spending money on it
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    Re: BF4 Server Crashing a lot with g-portal,bad service !

    I'm a newbie in gaming world, I have no details about a Battlefield game, but was looking to buy games as its the most popular game these days, hence my friend shared useful reference for getting detailed information and buying the game in reasonable rates. Thank you for sharing such good information.

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    Re: BF4 Server Crashing a lot with g-portal,bad service !

    thank you guys so much for sharing interesting infor )


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