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    EDA Gaming Pty

    We are a Division of -EDA- Gaming Community that has a platoon in BF4 as well as other games with the community. We will be mainly focused on group game play that will help support -EDA- as they will us. Our Division will abide by the Code of Conduct rules set out by the Gaming Community founder and these rules will be upheld by the Moderators Admins and Division Captain. We utilize Discord that is supported by a website and a steam group with the additional "Battle Honors" system on our website. We promote those willing to help out in game as well as those and want to help our Community as a whole. We are after Active players that like Group play, EVENTS every 2 weeks , No Level required but MUST interact with others to let us know your active Discord , Pm for more info or join our Discord server:

    Our Platoon tag in game is EDA - we also have a server and will edit this thread when it is up and running.
    Our server Ip:
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