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Thread: K/D Incorrect

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    K/D Incorrect

    Hey guys... Great work on this site ( I love all your stat sites over anything else available.

    I have noticed that the k/d is not displaying correctly. The number of deaths are correct, but the number of kills are lower than they should be which results in display of a lower k/d. I have looked up other members in my clan and the story is the same. The deaths number is correct, but the kills number is not.

    Also, a lot of times, I get on to check my stats and it says something like "stats update aborted" and won't let me update the stats.

    I know this site is still in infancy, but figured you should know if you didn't already.

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    Re: K/D Incorrect

    Looks like the K/D issue was fixed, but about 99% of the time I go to see my stats it still says "player update was aborted" and won't update anything

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    Re: K/D Incorrect

    I might have found a solution to the "player update was aborted". It worked this morning. I believe if you first check your stats at and then come here, it will allow you to then update your stats. I don't know the logic behind it, but this worked for me today.

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    Re: K/D Incorrect

    Nevermind. That doesn't work.


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