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    games that should have stat support

    i am not sure if this just supports ea games or it supports others because i have a few suggesting for games for stat support because official support has gone down and it should be revived and be current and up to date

    list of games

    halo 3
    call of duty black ops 1 and 2
    call of duty modern warfare 1 and 2 and 3
    call of duty world at war
    advanced warfare

    if anyone can find the code for these stat severs that would be great

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    Re: games that should have stat support

    I still can't believe they don't offer official stat support for these games. They made billions off of them. I hope some sort of community stat support happens.

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    Re: games that should have stat support

    i feel this shouldn't be hard to figure out because and is still up (someone could look up the html) but the stats are no longer being updated i know halo 3 records all stats because when a game ends there will be a spinning gear/loading symbol saying oh yea we are recording stats to be uploaded on to and that gets stored on a database i'm guessing then the data gets sent to for everyone to see but how were the stats frozen was it on the games side or the website's side, EDIT: also the website also has an rss feed


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