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    How does the points system work?

    I really don't get it. How is the number of points you get from a new time on an event determined, and what makes you lose points from your overall score? I'm not talking about SP in the game. I mean the points on the site here. And why is there a limit on all the categories (Time Trials, Hot Pursuits, etc.)?

    Any info would be appreciated.
    -Lou Zarr

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    Re: How does the points system work?

    Almost everything gets ranked in various leaderboards. Time based rankings are available for every track and track to car combination. From the track ranking we calculate different scores for CIRCUIT, SPRINT and DRAG. The sum of those is the total score. Drivers get ranked by their total score in the total score leaderboard, in their shard leaderboard and in their country leaderboard. In addition we calculate the score for every car and rank a driver in car leaderboards.
    By default the ranking position is showed as Top% value. This is the approximated percentage of a rank in a leaderboard.
    Formula: rankInLeaderboard / countOfPlayersInLeaderboard * 100
    The lower the percentage the better is it. If a rank is in Top 1%, it is always displayed as #rank number. If you like to see always #rank numbers, click on the menu icon and select Switch to #Rank display
    To link your NFSW driver with your P-Stats account, click on the menu icon at the right side on the top driver menu. There you find the option Link to my account. After you linked your account, you can set your country, hide single times or your whole driver.
    *u This track is not counting towards the driver score


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