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    Design Of Wireless Computer Fills Hospital Personnel's Prescription
    Imagine you're visiting an ill family member in the hospital. A nurse comes into the room to check the patient's vital signs. How is she recording that critical information? Do you see a clipboard full of handwritten notations?

    Not if the nurse is part of a growing group of healthcare professionals who use a handheld computer to collect this vital information. Designed to replace the old-fashioned clipboard as a way to collect and update patient data, the WiiN-PAD MK is a wireless device tailored for doctors, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare professionals.
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    Anderson Design worked closely with Data General, a division of EMC Corp., to develop the enclosure and industrial design of this portable computer. The base is contoured to the body so that clinicians can rest the unit comfortably on their hip. Only one hand is needed to hold the lightweight tool, making it unnecessary to set it down to enter information.
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    Dave Kaiser, a principal at Anderson Design, says the WiiN-PAD MK is meant to ease the transition to electronic data collection. "Although some hospitals have made the transition from the traditional manual mode of collecting patient data to electronic computing, many have yet to convert. Through form and function, we designed the WiiN-PAD MK in a way that makes this transition seem more familiar and friendly"

    Co-worker Chris Hageman, who served as the project manager, says Data General wanted the product to be rugged enough to withstand a four-foot drop to a hard floor but light enough for hospital personnel to carry it around on eight-hour shifts. "Through careful design we were able to deliver this unique balance," says Hageman. The final design weighs about 3 lbs yet boasts impact resistance and durability.

    Information is entered into the WiiN-PAD MK in three ways. Users can rely on a keypad to manually type information into the device. Or, they can use a touchscreen, which is engineered to be easy to read even in dimly lit rooms. The touchscreen responds to both touch and a stylus. In addition, an optional integrated digital camera with barcode recognition allows the scanning of barcodes, such as those found on patient wristbands, and the taking of photographic images.

    Barcode recognition was built into the product to minimize errors caused by the manual entry of a patient's history. Wireless technology was incorporated so that information about a patient's medications or symptoms could be retrieved from a hospital's main computer and viewed on the WiiN-PAD MK anywhere in the facility

    "The remarkable thing about the WiiN-PAD MK is that even with all of these features, it is still smaller and less cumbersome than similar existing products," says Hageman. "The thin profile allows it to be carried like a book."

    Anderson Design also made sure the device could stand up to the unique environment of a hospital, including the emergency room. Its keypad creates a seal over the front surface of the computer so that water and body fluids can't penetrate the unit. This seal also makes the medical tool easy to clean with standard hospital disinfectants and cleansers. A soft durometer material covers external connector parts.

    The WiiN-PAD MK can communicate with either wireless networks or traditional LANs that support hospital systems. It works as an interactive tool operating online and as a batch tool with a modem for downloading. In addition, it has the ability to talk to IR-equipped devices, including printers, without cables.

    The device, which is IRDA compatible, can be attached to a cart or hung from an IV pole. Its small rechargeable battery is positioned for easy access.

    Joseph Shea, program manager with the handheld computer group at Data General, says the product is appealing to medical personnel because it's intuitive and comfortable to use. "By bringing wireless data communication to the point of care, critical patient information can be collected accurately and quickly, resulting in better and more timely treatment, saving valuable healthcare resources."

    More information on the industrial design of the WiiN-PAD MK is available by contacting Anderson Design, 74 East St., Plainville, CT 06062 or writing in 40 on our reader service card.


    Designed to meet the need for higher UL945VA requirements, new LP Series plastic enclosures have covers with optional recessed areas appropriate for membrane keypads and graphic overlays. Also optional are external feet for wall and panel mounting.

    Polycase, 1305 Chester Industrial Pkwy., Avon, OH 44011. (800) 248-1233.

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    The Matrix 3/4 ATR is a rugged enclosure for military applications where light weight is critical. The conviction-cooled unit has a 7-slot VME64x monolithic backplane with 5-row DIN connectors and JO and up to a 300 W power supply It incorporates flow-through cooling with more than 70 cfm of airflow. Constructed of machined aluminum alloy with EMI gaskets in all joints, it provides EMI/RFI shielding for emitted and conducted radiation.
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    Matrix Corp., 1203 New Hope Rd., Raleigh, NC 27610. (919) 231-8000.

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    Instruments cabinets in either steel or aluminum are available in 19 and 24 in. panel widths. They have removable tops, feature zinc-plated panel mounting angles, come with extra mounting hardware, and boast full-length recessed hand grips. Options include plain, louvered, and perforated panels.

    Equipto Electronic Corp., 351 Woodlawn Ave., Aurora, IL 60506. (800) 204-7225.

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    Enclosures for car audio speakers are being made in some unusual, shapes by Power Composites Inc. The enclosures are fabricated in a single piece, without joints. using rotational molding at room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure. As a result, complex hollow shapes are created. How to Install Car Speakers
    The enclosures, which are made of Bayer Corp.'s Baytec ENC 140P and 120P polyols. have atypical shapes so that they can fit into otherwise unused spaces inside cars, vans, and light trucks. Timothy Rusche, founder and president of Power Composites, says they overcome a problem of today's automotive sound systems.

    "OEMs tend to use a 6-in.-by-9-in, oval, as the biggest speaker opening so when people started putting bigger sound systems and bigger speakers in their cars, they were forced to use the back seat or the trunk to house their audio systems. I was trying to build better speaker enclosures, based on what I knew about sound and speaker construction and about cars."

    Rusche designs his enclosures with polyols for their rigidity. "The enclosures have to be strong and durable, providing support to the speakers. Also, the walls of the enclosure can't be too thin and flexible, or they absorb energy from the speakers."

    More information on polyols is available by contacting Bayer Corp., 100 Bayer Rd., Pittsburgh. PA 15205, calling (800) 622-6004, or writing in 44 on our reader service card. How To Choose The Best Speaker For My Car
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