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    Bf4 Stats PC/Xbox One

    I have been playing Bf4 on the Xbox one for about a year now, loving how many servers there is and how big the community is even though there's only about 7-8k people on at one time. I've just purchased my first gaming computer, and Battlefield 4 for the PC Now only to be extremely disappointed by the lack of servers and community base. How is it that the PC has 16k people online at one time, and only has 3-4 servers with 64/64 people? The xbox one has a fraction of the player base, and yet has hundreds if not thousands of servers, compared to PC, which has about 25 active ones. I have changed my search results time and time again, hoping it was a setting I've missed, but the game is clearly dead on PC. Someone please explain where are all the people playing at? I have all the DLC's, yet there is barely any active servers to play on. I just want to play some Operation Locker

    Not trying to be rude or spiteful, just generally confused at how Bf4 on PC has double if not triple the player base and has barely any servers to play on, I just want to be informed

    Thanks and have a good day!

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    Re: Bf4 Stats PC/Xbox One

    Forgot to mention I'm only playing North American servers, as my ping is far too high and makes the game unplayable in any other region.


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