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Is a picture worth a thousand words? Is Big Moe a hacker/cheater? Not only does he have a space in his name but he also got an impossible speed with his car. Sometimes a picture is just a picture and doesn't show everything. The following video (available in HD for better viewing) will paint a clearer picture.

The reason I made this video (which took a long time coz it's mighty hard to match speeds with an AI lol) is because this thing happened to me 2 days ago. I was testing some dude in a 667-rated 911 GT3 RS in Lion's Challenge using my Exige. The dude turned out to be a bumbling idiot and I ended up being called a cheater/hacker after the post race lobby showed my top speed to be 414 kmh! I can do this track in 1:50+ using my Exige with no power-ups, a stock 911 GT3 RS can do a similar time. Any kind of tuning in the 911 GT3 RS will make it do sub 1:50 if the driver is even just somewhat competent. If he only had some skill he would've smoked me by a mile and I wouldn't have this problem. In that race we used a lot of power-ups and finished the race in 1.51+ in which I lost by around half a second. The weird thing is that I got to 414 kmh while he only had 407 kmh. All race long he was bumbling around and won't let me overtake or used NOS and rammed me whenever I did. I overtook him for the last time after the bridge but he got close again while I was in the tunnel (right side), this time I decided to block him and used Jugger and NOS while already at top speed, apparently he did the same thing Jugger and NOS and hit my ass which pushed me to that speed. The unexpected speed made me lose control for a bit and he passed me to win.

It could've been the combination of Jugger/NOS and some downhill effect which pushed me to that speed. I don't think even a max tuned 911 GT3 RS can reach 414 kmh so now I have the stigma of a hacked speed lol.

BTW if some sick speedhacker ever decides to bring everyone down along with him this is one way to do it. Ram the hell out of someone, take a screenshot and report him for 'speedhacking'. I have had several close calls before where a cheater zipped beside me at supersonic speeds.

To make this long story short I will just say that some pictures are not worth a thousand words.