I have an issue with my stats update because of a battlelog bug where my "time played" will not change, or at least it hasn't changed in the past 3 days even though I played at least 8 hours a day.

What I notice is happening is that when I request that my player stats get updated it shows that the update is working, then that the update is done. When I refresh my player stats page, I can see that only my score got updated. As the "time played" is still the same as 3 days ago, it seems to be assuming I have not played so it is not updating my weapons and vehicles kills.

I make youtube videos everyday of my best moments of the day and usually end them with a 5s still image of the SUAV ranking in order to show my progress. I am getting about a 100 SUAV kills a day, sometimes more, so I am progressing fast in the ranking, but even though I currently have 11,067 SUAV kills, bf4stats will not update that value and it shows I still have only 10,641 kills, which is the value I had when this bug of battlelog not updating the "time played" variable started to happen.

Would it be possible to change this restriction of checking the "time played" variable before updating weapons and vehicles kills?

Thanks in advance.