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    Re: What are your thoughts on bf3 so far?

    guess we need to change this thread to bf4 pretty soon,lol

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    Re: What are your thoughts on bf3 so far?

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    Re: What are your thoughts on bf3 so far?

    I don't know when I started playing Battlefield 3, but I believe it was around Summer break, 2013. I decided to start off with BF3 before getting Bf4. As of right now, I really like the game. There are quite a lot of players around for the PS3, which is good, but sometimes, I end up in empty lobbies. To me, I enjoyed the campaign, which I beaten on Hard difficulty without aim assist (wasn't that difficult (not bragging)). Most of the time in multiplayer, I played Team Death match on Noshahr Canals because it was a small, fast-paced map before I purchased the Close Quarters pack.

    I also love sniping on this game more than Call of Duty (I am a COD player ever since COD4: Modern Warfare). Today, I just gotten my longest headshot, which is 990m (I 'somewhat' acted crazy during that moment) on Caspian Border, Conquest. I enjoy the vehicles, but right now, my preference would be the tanks because I suck at piloting those helicopters and jets.

    Overall, after playing BF3 for about seven or eight months, it's a good game.
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    Re: What are your thoughts on bf3 so far?

    ok, now cops & robbers,,what?

    where did battlefield go,lol.

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    Re: What are your thoughts on bf3 so far?

    anyone playing hardline?

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    Re: What are your thoughts on bf3 so far?

    I tried the beta on PS4 but to be honest, I don't see much of the battlefield logic anymore. Hardline seems to be a GTA look a like as it resembles most of its game technique.

    It's really a shame what DICE/EA are doing with the Battlefield series. In my opinion they were heading the complete wrong way since they started with BF BC1/2. It looks like they've noticed that CoD is selling quite well, so they adapted to that game, as BF BC2 has quite an resemblance to CoD.

    But that is just my personal opinion. Hardline will definitely not be part of my collection.

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    Re: What are your thoughts on bf3 so far?

    Yes I have the same thoughts as you, Hard line won’t be in my collection. I wouldn't be against BF3 being remastered for Xbox 1, I reckon that would make the best game ever to hit the market & make it the greatest game ever, if they did I would be the first person in line to buy it including the Xbox 1, providing they lost all the BF4 nonsense which I believe ruined the best game ever made, that said some things they put into BF4 like the spotting was good & the new maps were ok, but I didn’t like that much more

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    Re: What are your thoughts on bf3 so far?

    well finally bf4 plays awesome. took 2 years away from the game, came back, loaded all the expansions, tweaked with my in game settings and the game plays the best it ever did. best game out there, period!!!

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    Re: What are your thoughts on bf3 so far?

    we can just wish..


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